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Hi) protects your entire family

It offers two-way voice communication, as well as one-way video to let you see who’s at the door while talking to them. When a visitor presses your doorbell, it rings the app on the smartphones of each member of the family. You get a preview of who’s there and you can answer directly or let another member of the family take the call if you are busy.

Hi) is a friendly assistant in daily life. When the doorbell rings, each member of the family receive an alert on its smartphone and can greet visitors, from anywhere in the world (subject to an internet connection). He can see who is at the door in real time HD video and talk with the visitor and if he wants, open the door. This is an essential service at the time of the explosion of e-commerce that generates more and more deliveries at home, often on work schedules … With Hi) you will never worry about missing an important delivery anymore. You will always be available, via your smartphone, to welcome and give instruction to the delivery man. For the signature? No problem, most delivery services offer SMS validation option.
Hi) can also welcome your guests if you’re late and let them access the house ! And because Hi) is “talking” to the other equipment’s connected to the Smart home, it can open the shutters, turn on lights or manage access to entertainment services (internet, TV…) when a family member approaches the front door.

About Fenotek – Fenotek develops innovative products for the Smart home bringing real comfort to the user and a clear value proposition. These products are simple to use but technologically complex making them difficult to imitate. Fenotek address low visibility market segments where, through innovation, it can quickly take substantial market share.

Hi) by fenotek

Hi) will send you a mobile notification as soon as it detects activity in front of your doorway.


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