Indiegogo Campaign coming this March for Hi) the connected doorbell

Fenotek will be launching Hi) crowfunding campaign on Indiegogo in March, so stay tuned on Facebook to get great early bird discounts. Hi) is the last generation of video doorbell connected to the internet. It rings on your smartphone so that you can see and speak to your visitor wherever you are in the world. You will never worry about missing an important delivery anymore because with Hi) you are always home.

Hi) can be connected to an electric lock so you can even open the door from your smartphone and greet your guests without being home.

Hi) recognizes family members and can notify you when the children are back from school or open the garage door when your car is approaching the house.

Hi) looks after your home while you are away. It will send you a mobile notification as soon as it detects activity in front of your doorway. The monitoring function enables you to remotely access the camera and trigger the alarm of the device if necessary.

Hi) is loaded with exciting new features designed to make your busy lifestyle safe and secure by keeping you connected to your home while you are away.

We will be launching a campaign on Indiegogo in March, so stay tuned on Facebook to get great early bird discounts !!!

About Fenotek – Fenotek develops innovative products for the Smart home bringing real comfort to the user and a clear value proposition. These products are simple to use but technologically complex making them difficult to imitate. Fenotek address low visibility market segments where, through innovation, it can quickly take substantial market share.

“The value of a connected object is the associated service it provides to the user. The technology becomes innovation only when it creates new usage. Thus Fenotek, as a designer of innovative products, is in fact a publisher of mobile solutions” (Bruno Davoine – CEO).

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