Smarthome I Hi) by fenotek the #connectedbutler is plug and play

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hi) connected video doorbell

Very easy to install, it does not require the intervention of an electrician (Plug & Play) thereby reducing the cost of ownership. It’s very simple, You will need to be able to drill 2 fixation hole and, connect it to 2 wires of you existing or new power supply. Then let our app guided you to finalize the installation.

Hi) will require power supply wires from your existing doorbell or new power supply (AC 6-30 V DC, or 8-30 VDC).

Made in France, Hi) is a concentrate of technology: HD surveillance camera, motion sensor, eInk screen, recognition of family members (IBeacon), anti-theft alarm, waterproof microphone and speakers with ambient noise reduction, power wired or solar panels (optional).

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