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Hi) by Fenotek is an innovative, complete, reliable and high performance video wireless doorbell connected to the internet, it allows the entire family to stay connected to their home anywhere and anytime via smartphone or tablet.

Hi) blends conviviality, monitoring and security into an innovative and disruptive design.


Hi) welcomes your visitors with class !

 Hi) is more than a connected video door bell, it is a sleek designed object that will nicely enhance the décor of your doorway. The fluid design is inspired from the Streamline trend which favored, in the 30’s, the aerodynamic pure-line concept. At the time, Streamlining was associated with prosperity and an exciting future.


With Hi) the entire family is connected to your home.

Hi) protects your entire family. It offers two-way voice communication, as well as one-way video to let you see who’s at the door while talking to them. When a visitor presses your doorbell, it rings the app on the smartphones of each member of the family. You get a preview of who’s there and you can answer directly or let another member of the family take the call if you are busy.


Hi) gives you peace of mind when you’re away.

Hi) will send you a mobile notification as soon as it detects activity in front of your doorway. The monitoring function enables you to remotely access the camera and see what is happening. If you notice a non-desirable presence, you can trigger the alarm of the device.

Access control

With Hi) you can open the door from your smartphone.

If Hi) is connected to an electric lock not only can you see and speak to your visitor but you can also open the door from your smartphone. As a matter of fact H;) can also turn on the light or open the blinds remotely, it’s up to you to decide when configuring the system as the device has two programmable dry contact outputs.

Connect family

Hi) welcomes your family home.

Hi) identifies and recognizes family members when they come near range and can trigger a pre define scenario such as turn lights on, open door, open blinds. You will just need to confirm the required action with a password (Android) or Touch ID (iOS). You can be notified when the children come back from school giving you peace of mind while you are away.


With Hi) you’re always home.

With Hi) you will never worry about missing an important delivery anymore. You will always be available, via your smartphone, to welcome and give instruction to the delivery man.

Hi) provides reliable and innovative service to protect your family

Up to four family members can be connected to the video door bell

Easy configuration through a user friendly interface.









The free mobile application (iOS & Android) that drives H;) is designed with ease of use in mind. It is structured around three screens (Set Up, Use, Reports). The configuration process provides a seamless experience. The administrator set up the system and activate the other family members’ accounts (max 4 accounts). When configuring the system you enter the name to be displayed on the front eInk screen and choose the color of the LEDs that best match the color of the façade of your house.

Hi) provides real time reports on your front door activity and visits history. Videos can be recorded in the Cloud for later use (for a monthly fee). If all members of the family are busy and cannot respond to a call, then the visitor can leave a message.

Check our privacy policy: here


  • Alarm

    Sounds if device is stolen and can be activated from your phone in case of emergency

  • Motion sensor

    Detects any activity on your property and triggers an instant mobile alert

  • Video monitoring

    Give you peace of mind when you are away

  • HD camera

    High quality 720 HD video camera with wide angle (150°) and infrared night vision

  • Microphone with noise cancelation

    Crystal clear communication

  • Dry contact outputs

    Open the door or turn on the light with your smartphone

  • High quality speakers

    Crystal clear sound through waterproof speakers

  • RF chime

    Let you know you have a visitor even if your phone is in another room or internet is down

  • i-Beacon identification

    Identifies members of the family to activate a preset scenario

  • Wifi signal quality tester

    Tests the quality of the Wifi connexion prior installation

  • Outdoor usage (IP65)

    Whistands dust, sun and rain (-20°C to +50°C)

  • Solar Panel

    Uses free energy to charge the battery (optional) or uses existing electrical wires

  • Up to 4 registered family members

    All users will be notified and will be able to interact with the visitor

  • e Ink screen

    Name plate is a high contrast eInk screen for better visibility

  • Made in France

    Designed, developed and manufactured in France

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